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With gas prices on the rise each and everyday, being conservative has never been more important. One way to solve this financial phenomenon is to buy a Goped product. Gopeds are high-quality scooters built in the USA and have been around since the early 90's. They utilize very little gas and can be taken just about anywhere. If your job is local you can scoot your way to work passing any traffic you may encounter on the way. For everyday use, we recommend our air-tire models for comfort. Every Goped we offer comes with FREE Shipping and a FREE 16" Goped Sticker.

Gopeds, Goped
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Gopeds, Goped

Gopeds are great for kids and adults of all ages. Gopeds utilize small engines, similar to those found on things such as weed eaters, chainsaws, etc… except they have been tuned for optimum performance. For most kids, having a Goped is an expression of freedom. They can scoot wherever they want whether it be to McDonalds or their friend’s house. They are safe and great on gas so you never have to worry about your child running out while riding their new Goped.

Now Gopeds fall into two categories, hard-tire and air-tire. These are the two main categories which separate which Goped does what in terms of functionally. Hard-tire gopeds tend to be more sport driven and less costly. They also offer the ease of tire replacement and not needing to mess with any inner tubes and whatnot. Air-tire Gopeds are great for ride comfort. They absorb the bumps in the roads and some models even have shocks built in to make it feel like you’re riding on a cloud.

Now being more geared towards kids, Go-peds are fun to ride even you’re an adult. Everyone has an inner kid in them at all times and a Goped will help bring that out. Not to mention they are great on gas so commuting to work will save you money each week. Just about every one of our Gopeds we offer will pay for itself in 6-12months in gas savings alone. Also enjoy the freedom of scooting down the sidewalk and not being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The Class Sport Goped is the most popular scooter. The biggest reason is it’s affordability. It has a reliable motor that has a top speed of 20mph and takes all the fuss out of buying a Go-ped. It comes in two classic colors, Blue and Red. It has Mach 12 wheels with hard-tires and is powered by a peppy 29cc, 2.5HP GPL290 single cylinder engine. This engine will pull even the biggest of adults along with ease.

Gopeds also come in more sport-orientated models such as the Super Xped. This awesome Goped comes with a beefier frame and grind deck under the scooter. It comes in a fierce competition orange color which looks awesome as well as provides safety for riding on the streets. With that kind of color, you will always be seen! It features the same engine as the Sport Goped, propelling it up to a whopping 20mph. It also gets 60MPG! It’s 2-stroke engine is relatively quiet and is reliable for everyday use. The Super Xped from Goped is one item you need to add to your toy collection!

We also offer a full line of Go-ped Accessories to choose from. We offer replacement tires, gloves, gas caps and everything else inbetween! We get all of our products directly from Goped USA, there is not middleman. We have built a trust with all of our manufacturers which allow us to give you great deals on every unit. We offer FREE SHIPPING on every Goped model. What you see is what you pay… literally.

If you have any questions regarding Gopeds or general comments, feel free to email us at Our customer service team has an extensive knowledge in Gopeds and even own a few themselves! They will respond back to you within 24hrs but in most cases the very same day you email us! We take pride in providing you, our loyal customers, with great service and products. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to helping you buy your first Goped!