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Finding a quick, easy and affordable way to get around town has never been easier! Street Legal Scooters are quickly on the rise in terms of transportation and for good reason. The biggest plus side to owning a Scooter is the great gas mileage, especially since gas prices just seem to constantly be going up. Beat the price at the pump and invest in a quality Scooter! It will pay for itself within half a years time, and since we offer the LOWEST PRICES and FREE SHIPPING... it leaves you with nothing to lose.

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Street Legal Scooters for Sale Online with Free Shipping. Our Scooters are easy to maintain, operate and are cost effective for just about any budget. Best part is each Street Legal Scooter we sell comes with a standard 6-month warranty -- we can't be beat! We are so confident in the Street Legal Scooters that we sell that we offer the warranty at no extra charge. Sleep rest assured that your scooter is covered for it's first 6months of use.

The reason why so many people are using scooters these days it their minimum maintenance. When you receive your scooter we recommend changing the oil initially, once at 500miles then every 1500miles after that! The best part is the majority of our Street Legal Scooters take under a quart of oil (a single bottle). When you compare a $15 bottle of oil to a $50 oil change on a regular car, you can see the savings.

The savings on our Gas Scooters don't end at the oil. Each and every one of our scooters average astonishing MPG's. Our 49cc street legal models get 90+MPG while our 149cc models get 75+MPG! You will spend maybe $5-8 dollars filling your scooter -- with premium! They also are dirt cheap to insure and register. Many states require a simple moped tag ($30) and insurance runs as low as $100/year!

What is covered under the 6month warranty? If for any reason your engine fails to start we will replace it or send new parts at zero cost to you. The thing with these Street Legal Scooters is that if something is going to wrong then it will do so within the first 6months of ownership. You have nothing to lose (seriously). The scooter will pay for itself within the first few months of saving on gas, maintenance costs and DMV fees.