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Powermax 150cc Gas Scooter

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Product Information:

The Powermax-150 is the affordable and reliable 150cc scooter! Its tops speed is 55+MPH, it can quickly get to your destination while saving gas at the same time. We offer great prices, and we encourage you to look around at the competition's prices.

Multiple Scooters

Please read our return policy and warranty policy. Cannot be sold to people living in CA, TX, WA and PA. For Information regarding registration

Some Assembly Required

Includes attaching Handlebars. Front Wheel, Front Fender, Kick Stand and the trunk. Total assembly time takes under 30mins with two people and basic hand tools. When you purchase this scooter at any physical dealership you will pay a minimum of $150.00 for this basic assembly! Save money by purchasing with us! More information

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Powermax-150 Specifications


Engine Size: 149cc
Start Type: Electric with keys, kick start back up
Transmission: Fully Automatic
Drive: Belt
HP: 10HP
Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
Ignition: CDI
Top Speed: 55mph+ 
Fuel Capacity: 1.7gal


Front Brakes: Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Tire Front: 120/70 - 12
Tire Rear: 120/70 - 12
Suspension Front(inch): Twin Inverted Hydraulic
Suspension Rear(inch): Dual Hydraulic Springs
Controls: Twist Throttle, Fully Automatic
Lighting: Headlights, Brake, Blinkers, Street Legal


Dry Weight: 295 lbs
Length: 1850mm
Width: 660mm
Height: 1110mm
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Color Choices:
POWERMAX-150 Helmets
Additional Information:
Manufacturer SKU: POWERMAX-150
Brand: TaoTao
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Great for fathers day   
Reviewed by n/a
My son and I pitched in to buy this scooter for my husband on Fathers Day. He loves it! The only downside to getting that good of miles per gallon is that he has no reason to not ride it. lol! - Sarah
Crazy fast!   
Reviewed by n/a
I had been eyeballing this scooter for around 2months before finally pulling the trigger on it. I researched online and found Provenpowersport to be $50 cheaper than anyone else while still having free shipping. I got the scooter in less than 5 business days and love it! It hits 70mph and I fill up once a week.
Great Scooter, Great Dealer!   
Reviewed by n/a
This is my first scooter. I've been researching Chinese scooters and online dealers for quite some time now, and decided to go with the TaoTao Powermax-150. Proven Powersports has a good reputation and the best price on this model, so I "pulled the trigger" and went for it. Boy am I glad I did!! I opted for next day processing, and I received my scooter in 3 days!!! That's what I call awesome service!! The scooter arrived in good shape. It was very well packed and nothing was damaged during shipping. It took me about two hours to put together, but I was really taking my time, just being sure I did things right. Afterwards, I checked and tightened every bolt and screw that I could reasonably reach, especially exhaust bolts! After adjusting the idle screw on the carb and filling with gas, it started up very nicely! Ran it just enough to warm it up and readjust the carb so that it idled properly, then changed the motor oil and gear oil. The panels on this scooter are very easy to take of, which makes servicing the engine or other parts of the scooter a lot easier than some other scooters I have seen. So far, I have enjoyed every minute with this scooter. It turned out to be a little bit bigger than I thought it would be, which is a good thing. I'm 5'8" and 175 lbs, and it fits me nicely. I've been taking it easy during break in, but I can already tell this scooter has a lot of "pep" and it is really going to be a blast once I break it in properly. Thank you Proven Powersports for your excellent service!!!
Reviewed by n/a
I was amazed on my first ride on this thing (power max 150)It is Fun, and it hauls butt!
Reviewed by n/a
i cant wait to get my very own scooter but just wait imo take me and my girl out illegally got no lisens and no bikers lisens im just turned 16 i need help were can i get my lisens other than school ?
i want one really bad   
Reviewed by n/a
i love this type of scooters but does anyone know if i need a license for this scooter in the state of north carolina??
150cc powermax   
Reviewed by n/a
Yes you have to have license in NC, 50cc and under however you dont.
PM 150   
Reviewed by n/a
How can it be rated at only 55mph? Mine can easily reach 75 mph. Do I have a special one?
worth owning   
Reviewed by n/a
This was my sixth scooter (tried the classics that cost more and fell apart) TaoTao runs great and is fast for roads (will do 55 mph) given I weigh 250 lbs. and I have 7800 miles already on her and only oil and rear end fluid changes so far. Well worth the price.
licenses for north carolina ???   
Reviewed by n/a
do you have to have a "motorcycle license", for 150cc engine scooter ??? please respond soon, i need to know quickly...
powermax 150   
Reviewed by n/a
Wow! It's a scooter? I'm very happy with my power max 150! I shopped around before I choose power max, I made the right choice! Light and fast!
ordering the scooter tonight will post how long it takes get in on the shipping combo today if you can   
Reviewed by n/a
bike was simple to finish and came quick.I would like to thank your staff for the great job Jim Hyde Park N.Y. great