TaoTao Scooters

TaoTao Scooters are one of the most popular brand of scooters on the market today. They feature all the reliability of well known Japanese models but come at the Chinese price. Every TaoTao Scooter we offer comes with a complete 6-month warranty that covers both your engine and drive train. This amazing warranty leaves you with little to risk, and the scooter eventually pays for itself in gas savings. TaoTao Scooters have built a reputation all on their own over the years, buy one today and see why!

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TaoTao Scooters are some of the most popular Chinese based scooters that you can buy today. They have been around for almost 30 years and have built a reputation during this time pushing them to the forefront of the scooter industry. Every model of scooter that TaoTao products is top-notch quality and is built with durability in mind. Every TaoTao Scooters will last you for years to come, keeping money in your pocket and peace of mind. Unlike other Chinese Scooter Manufacturers, they have an office and parts warehouse right here in the United States, so parts are readily available.

Buying a scooter can be a daunting experience, especially when you are investing $600 or more of your hard earned money. The one reason why we carry TaoTao Scooters is because they are proven tough time and time again. It is not rare to see a TaoTao Scooter have 15,000+ miles on the clock without one single issue. The best part of all is that since they are chinese the cost is kept to a minimum. Your TaoTao Scooter will pay for itself within months at the gas pump! All of our TaoTao Scooters average around 70-90+MPG.

TaoTao Scooters appeared on the market in the early 2000's. They were the first manufacturer to produce reliable chinese scooters. TaoTao Scooters feature GY6 Engines, which are honda-based clones. These chinese scooters are all the bit as reliable as their japanese counterparts. If you need help choosing between TaoTao Scooters, simply contact our customer support team!

If your looking to save on registration, insurance and gas.. then a TaoTao Scooter is the way to go! All of our TaoTao Scooters are inexpensive to register and insurance runs from $80-300/yr in most cases! The amount of money you will save by purchasing one of our TaoTao Scooters is substantial! When you compare how much money you will be spending a week on gas to your current car, the savings grow even quicker.